We produce honey by moving our approx. two hundred hives (@2014) at different places following the flowering of plant species of interest, such as Robinia, Chestnut, Linden, Rhododendron.

We produce honey mainly in Piedmont, but recently we have founded an apiary in Tuscany, in the Cecina valley.


We manage the hives under organic beekeeping discipline, that is we don't use any chemicals to protect our bees from Varroa or any other illness/infestation.

We practice the caging of the queen bee inside the cage-modified frame and the dripping of oxalic acid after 24 days. Eventually, we use thymol.


We sell honey directly bottled or inside 300 kg containers.


See the menu for a complete list of our honeys.


Producing rice in heatland means great quality of the rice.

The clay, infertile, almost waterproof acidic soil leads to low growing vegetation and only a well based experience in rice cultivation let you obtain a fine and  great quality rice seed.

Luckily, we can count on a pluri-decennial experience of our kin and grandparents whose know-how is put in place in our agricoltural practices.

The rice variety is called Sant'Andrea, in honor of the Vercelli patron.

This variety has been cultivated since the 50's when it has been created and it's features are a good maintenance of it's physical properties during the cooking.

The seed is perlaceous, fine and rich in starch.

Sant'Andrea is suitable for risotto, soup, supplì.

See the menu for more information about the sell.